HCFCompliance provides hospitals and nursing homes with complete physical environment compliance solutions in order to manage life safety, environment of care and emergency management inspections, drills, and tasks. HCFCompliance provides ongoing compliance status notifications, tracking, and reports, all of which improve hospitals’ and nursing homes’ ability to conform to The Joint Commission’s physical environment compliance requirements. The HCFCompliance solution is a combined mobile and web-based system, a solution that reduces non-compliance risks, provides operational status, and reduces facility management and compliance activity costs.

Combining experience, relevant depth, and cloud/mobile technology, HCFCompliance is able to provide the highly regulated healthcare market with a healthcare facility management solution; that reduces the non-compliance risk, provides ongoing compliance status reports, and provides a solution which significantly reduces costs associated with healthcare facilities’ ongoing inspections. HCFCompliance’s solution reduces inspection duration and can notify key constituents about current conditions in real-time.The HCFCompliance solution is a value-add to the healthcare maintenance management system and is used in collaboration with hospital staff, reducing cost and time.

The open architecture of the HCFCompliance solution technology allows the system to grow with changing healthcare needs and objectives, including complete mobile asset tracking options (down to bar coding of individual assets throughout the healthcare facility). It empowers the healthcare facility with the ability to manage their assets and inventory, offering a solution that affords the highest level of accountability.