Digital Rounds

Advance your rounding and deficiency management.​

Revolutionize your rounding experience with a comprehensive deficiency dashboard, best practice questionnaires, risk adjusted individual & group rounds, and integration with your work order system.​

Our Digital Round are:


Easy to use.

No software installation needed.

  • Healthcare


  • Education


  • Government


  • Commercial


  • Pharma


  • Environmental​

  • Safety​​

  • Infection Control​

  • Plant and Engineering​​

  • Readiness Rounds ​

  • Food and Nutrition​​

  • Nursing​

  • More

No local install.


Easy to use.

Risk Adjusted Rounds​​

Prioritize deficiencies like never before.

Pinpoint widespread, ongoing, or at-risk issues and tackle them before they can escalate with risk-based rounds. Use our preconfigured best practice questionnaires are add your own during implementation.​

Deficiency Resolution​

Elevate your deficiency management.​

Enhance the way you manage deficiencies with detailed dashboard dedicated to swift and efficient resolution management that automatically captures deficiencies.​​

Work Order Integration​​

Seamlessly execute and track work orders.​

Utilize our two-way integration with your existing system to easily create work orders or resolve without one, directly from your dashboard.​

Rounding Activity & Reports​​

Gain valuable insights into your facility.​

Always have access to the latest data with real-time activity, reporting, and analytic capabilities.​

Group Rounds​​

Remove the need for round comparison.​

Confidently conduct rounds in groups and generate a combined report with the click of the button.​


Navigate and locate your reports with ease.​

Experience organization in a new light with digital binders, where reports are automatically filed for you as rounds are conducted.​