Readiness Rounds

Consider Readiness Rounds on CRx tablet. Mark issues right on the floor plan along with picture and notes. Initiate Work Orders right from CRx tablet. Track it through completion. If an ILSM is required, document and kick off ILSM. CRx will track deficiencies on a list and on Risk Management Dashboard until completed.

Are you still doing paper checklists, consolidating notes of different people and then sending over to get the issues fixed? On CRx tablet, rounds can also use custom checklists. Biggest time-saver and differentiator from paper forms is that CRx tablet will consolidate rounds reports of all participants and store it. It will allow creation of Work Orders/requests right away. Then it will track the work order until completed.

CRx also allows supervisory rounds without checklists. Deficiencies are marked on the plan, Work Order requested and tracked until completion. With one touch you can see all deficiencies from Rounds and from Inspections, on entire floor plan. As they are fixed and Work Orders closed, they are automatically removed from plan, from deficiency list and from Risk Management Dashboard.

CRx has way more capabilities related to EOC, EM and LS chapters of Joint Commission:

  • Dashboard-Tracking of all EC EM LS EPs, due dates, responsible persons and vendors
  • Binders-Electronic repository of all documentations cross-linked with EPs
  • Life Safety Drawings repository including storage of prior versions
  • Risk Management Dashboard with tracking of ILSM, Deficiencies
  • Email integration to receive documents directly into CRx to link to EP
  • Perform Inspections using CRx -Capability to have custom inspection points
  • Risk Assessment of deficiencies using your Risk Assessment Policy
  • Rounds -Includes consolidating round reports for deficiencies to be tracked
  • Fire Drills Planning and tracking documentation
  • Role based access for staff and vendors
  • CMMS Integration: Allows creation and tracking of Work orders from within CRx
  • Floor Plan integration with Assets-Show Assets on floor plans along with their status
  • Supervisory Rounds-Allows marking deficiencies on floor plan itself, Create WO, track completion
  • Releasing soon:
    • Repository of HVAC, Plumbing, Med Gas and other drawings for instant access by technician onsite
    • Google Map view of Facility technician staff across network of your buildings for quicker response to reported issues in main campuses and outside facilities