Ongoing compliance and self-evaluation prior to Joint Commission Survey

As you prepare yourself for Joint Commission Survey, you often wonder if the entire process can be streamlined and managed in this computer age in a much more organized way. Yet, spreadsheets, checklists, reminders and paper continue to be used. It takes a lot of time out of our busy schedules and still leaves us with a constant possibility of missing out on meeting Joint Commission standards and having the evidence of that in the binders.

Healthcare Facility Compliance Corp (HCFC) offers CRx, a one stop solution to meet your needs of satisfactory pre-survey preparedness by tracking hundreds of requirements, timelines and documents.

Our experts with a detailed understanding of the Joint Commission standards have integrated the system in an effective way so that it caters to the Joint Commission requirements for Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management. HCFC’s system, CRx, is an efficient platform to assist healthcare facilities and healthcare systems with technology that tracks and ensures compliance.

CRx implementation will benefit in various ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Automation

CRx helps automate a lot of tasks. Your staff will no longer manage paperwork into folders, dedicate extra man hours to collate the documentation and ensure everything is in place before the survey. All of this and much more can be handled on a regular basis and the data can be accessed through one common platform.

  • Delegation and tracking

Whether you assign tasks to internal employees or vendors, everything can be easily tracked and managed from CRx. Employees and vendors can use the CRx tablet, pre-loaded with inspection points creating the documentation is created and filed.

  • Electronic to Paper

While CRx maintains digital record of meeting all your EOC, EM and LS standards, it can easily print everything in one press of a button complete with Table of Contents and a Responsibility Matrix. When the TJC Surveyor expects specific information it is available with the press of a button as well as in the paper binders. Nothing is ever lost and you don’t run around during the weeks before the survey going through mountains of paper to ensure everything is actually there.

  • Excellence in survey results

CRx offers an activity Dashboard to view specific tasks addressing each of the EC, LS and EM individual element of performance, Repository to manage documentation related to different standards and frequencies, Risk management matrix, Reports to be updated on the status of all the listed requirements, etc. A combination of all of this and many more extraordinary features helps achieve the best results and overall satisfaction while preparing for and facing the final TJC survey.

  • User friendly

CRx is easy to understand and use. You can access and be updated about your hospital’s compliance status anytime. Employees can be easily trained to operate the system, keep their records updated at regular intervals and schedule rounds and drills as per the Joint Commission reporting requirements and frequencies. Receive notifications as reminders for pending items, required closures, etc.

Consider CRx! It will help you assess the strengths and opportunity areas of your compliance, identify potential risks and proactively bring compliance up to the required standards. Take an extra step to be different from others and enhance the overall branding of your organization.