Hospital Facility Compliance Reaches a New Level with CRx system

HealthCare Facility Compliance Corp delivers CRx system for Risk analysis and ongoing hospital compliance with Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management standards


HealthCare Facility Compliance Corporation (HCFC) announced today the delivery of the expanded CRx healthcare facility compliance software solution, incorporating risk analysis and Interim Life Safety Measure determination.

“While CRx covers all Elements of Performance (EP) as mandated by the Joint Commission for its Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management chapters, it now incorporates a risk analysis module based on the Joint Commission Interim Life Safety Measure requirements and each hospital’s specific policy. This makes the CRx system a fully comprehensive, compliance readiness system,” said Ilan Nachmany, HCFC CEO.

“The HCFC CRx System streamlined our daily rounds by eliminating our previous two-step manual system whereby we no longer capture the event and document it later. The CRx system allows us to accomplish all our daily tasks relating to environment of care, life safety and emergency management more efficiently. The CRx system allows us to be current at all times by documenting the information at the time of inspection or at the time activities are performed. Our work orders are now automatically created, with pictures and notes captured at the time of inspection, notifying us if risk analysis is required and, if so, suggest ILSM-needed activities based on the risk analysis results. When orders are closed, inspection status is automatically updated and stops the ILSM. We are extremely pleased with the efficiency CRx provides,” said Mr. Steve Mosser, Vice President Facility Management at Holy Name Medical Center, a fully accredited, not-for-profit comprehensive 361-bed medical center, based in Teaneck, NJ.

The patent pending CRx system provides a complete compliance solution related to Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management 24/7. CRx integrates and syncs with all Work Order systems. CRx covers hundreds of EPs’ related policies, fire drills, rounds, and all documentation required for each EP and now includes a full risk analysis and Interim Life Safety module. Its Dashboard shows and tracks deficiencies for every EP, due or past due. The Dashboard reminds staff of required tasks, shows when tasks are completed, updates work orders, preventive maintenance data, files and inserts all information to the appropriate e-Binders.

“We are very proud of our accomplishment in providing healthcare facility management and their staff with a system which includes a view of life safety drawings while assets are dropped onto floor plans. Detailed Inspection points are provided for each asset and can be inspected by their staff as well as their vendors with the ability to take pictures and insert notes. Now, having the ability to conduct risk analysis and determine Interim Life Safety directly from the CRx system at inspection point, provides our customers a real value-added, cost saving, risk management solution,” said Sumer Mathur, HCFC COO.

“As a newcomer to Holy Name Medical Center, I was amazed by the ease and extensiveness of the CRx solution. Having interactive Safer Matrix, alerts, powerful reports, ongoing EP monitoring tools and complete inspection points for every asset is extremely beneficial. Now, having integrated risk scores which are applied to our specific Risk Assessment policy, suggesting ILSM explicit actions, determining impact and providing full process documentation with a complete detailed drill down capability to review inspections’ status, makes it an amazing complete in depth solution covering all compliance requirements,” said Scott Gorman, Holy Name Medical Center Manager of Safety Emergency Preparedness.

“I was working with HCFC from day one on the implementation on the CRx solution at our facility and was stunned by the speed of the implementation and the adaptation of our team to the CRx solution. Having the added ILSM modules makes it a straightforward full healthcare facility compliance solution. I have no doubt many healthcare facilities will soon enjoy the solution, while at the same time, benefit from the cost savings, which we have already experienced,” said Stephen Bennett, Director Plant Maintenance.

About HealthCare Facility Compliance Corporation (HCFC)
HCFC, with offices in Englewood, NJ, is a software technology company dedicated to providing healthcare facilities with compliance software. The Company designed, developed and implemented the CRx system, the next generation, cloud based, mobile data and compliance reporting software, based on input from healthcare facility industry’s management and accreditation consultants. The HCFC patent pending CRx system is America’s most comprehensive healthcare facility compliance system, which ensures ongoing compliance readiness with The Joint Commission Life Safety, Environment of Care and Emergency Management standards incorporating unique methods, routines, algorithms and processes.

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