Fire Drills​

Fire Drill planning and documentation has never been easier.

Plan all of your fire drills with the press of a button.

Our Fire Drills​ are:


Easy to use.

No software installation needed.

  • Healthcare


  • Education


  • Government


  • Commercial


  • Pharma


  • NFPA Compliant scheduling

  • Documentation

  • Critique

  • Education​

  • Matrices​​

  • E-Signatures​

  • & More​​

No local install​.


Easy to use.

Fire Drill Matrix

Instant fire drill matrix generation.

Generate drill matrices and schedules for your choice of facilities and occupancy types.

Drill Documentation

Document your fire drills all in one place.

Each drill documentation covering evaluation, critique and education and is auto-filed in a digital binder for quick retrieval.

Critique and Education​​

Easily mark and track corrective actions.

Document corrective actions taken. Add relevant education information as required.

Automated Drill Planning​

NFPA compliant fire drills planning.

CRx automates fire drill planning for multiple campuses, buildings and shifts and ensures NFPA guidelines are met.