Emergency Management​

Revolutionize your facility’s Emergency Management.​

Take charge of your emergency management with our all-in-one effective and streamlined solution. With intelligent logging, detailed drill and exercise capabilities, deficiency management, analytics, and analysis, you will always be prepared.​

Our Emergency Management are:


Easy to use.

No software installation needed.

  • Healthcare


  • Education


  • Government


  • Commercial


  • Pharma


  • EM Event Log​

  • Drill Scheduler ​

  • Drill Documentation​​

  • HVA​

  • EOP​

  • COOP​

  • Analytics​

No local install.


Easy to use.

EM Events​

Log and organize every event

Document your emergency events and alerts, upload supporting documents, and track all your after-action report issues.​

Drills & Exercises​

Enhance your emergency
readiness & response

Complete drills and exercises while having access to all the necessary reference forms, process documents, and instructions.​

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis​

Identify risks before they make an impact.

Raise your awareness with access to the industry standard and HVA documentation.

Deficiency Dashboard​

Pinpoint and resolve deficiencies swiftly.

Find a deficiency during your drill, exercise, or after-action report? Detail, track, and resolve it with our easy-to-use deficiency management dashboard.

EM Analytics​

Explore your facility’s preparedness.

Overview your facility’s EM readiness with tracking for events, alerts, and HVA.


Automate your emergency filing
and storage.

Access all your drill, exercise, EOP, HVA, and COOP documentation in an instant with digital binders.