Tracking hundreds of EPs on spreadsheets? Chasing documents? Inspecting using yellow pads and then converting to email notes and action points on tasks that need to be done by hospitals?
Use CRx by HCF Compliance!

Our system includes Joint Commission standards, EPs, Frequencies, NFPA reference and even detailed inspection checklists for assets. If you use custom checklists, we will implement them for you. You also get to use the CRx at no-charge for you and your staff when we implement CRx for your hospital clients.

Want more?

Free training for Healthcare Compliance Consultants and inspectors

HCF Compliance provides free training to Compliance Consultants, inspectors and hospitals on using the CRx system. The CRx system has gone through multiple reviews by healthcare industry inspectors to make it simple and intuitive to use, and yet deliver this powerful solution to deal with the rigorous physical environment compliance issues that hospitals face today. We have built help-text overlays on screens so users quickly get the info without having to read a myriad of knowledgebase text.

Work with us to Implement

We will train you and your client hospitals in using the system and you can be involved in getting hospital- specific data points to implement the system. The CRX system installs really quickly, with our team taking care of all technical configurations while you help with data points like current inspection status and dropping assets on the floor plans.

Use CRx to bring efficiencies in your services to hospitals

Use CRx solution to improve risk management and enhance compliance for your client hospitals. With entire repository of compliance documents available on your tablet, you can review the status of any EP and upcoming tasks, as well as status of any deficiencies. Many of documents you chase onsite can now be pulled, verified and attached from CRx Repository’s document queue on your tablet. We work in a VAR model where you can help your client hospitals easily manage their compliance obligations on a tablet.

Free Ongoing Support

The HCF Compliance team is available over chat, email and phone if there are any questions you or hospital clients may have.

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