Hospitals facility management departments deal with both operational and compliance issues related to emergency management, life safety and environment of care. Wish there was something beyond the spreadsheets, checklists, binders of paper and manual tracking? HCFCompliance team is here to help you!

We introduce you to CRx, which is tablet and web based software by HCFCompliance team. The solution works with your work order system and goes beyond that to cover Joint Commission standards, EPs, NFPA and it is designed to cover every single Joint Commission Standard and Element of Performance related to life safety, environment of care and emergency management.

Yes, CRx can do it all! The solution can better streamline and manage the compliance process in a way more organized way.

  • All-In-One Solution
    Right from tracking hundreds of asset inspection, documentation and addressing elements of performance (EP) in one single program to reporting and auditing, CRx has all the features your compliance program requires.
  • Manage facility compliance effectively
    We do understand how managing compliance becomes complex but this isn’t the case with us. Our solution is meant to simplify your challenges and improve your effectiveness.
  • Mark issues right on the floor plan
    Floor plans are integrated into the CRx system which allows you to

    ✓ track the assets on floor map
    ✓ see what assets are coming due inspection
    ✓ mark deficiencies on floor plan itself from rounds

    With CRx, binders stay updated with inspection reports that were done within CRx as well as with third-party reports. In short, CRx brings a complete solution with innovative features for hospital compliance.

So are you ready to simplify the facility compliance in your hospital? Consider CRx and improve the risk management and enhance compliance for your hospital. See a two minute video at