CRx: Compliance solution that works with your Maintenance Management system

Got hundreds of Work Orders open with due dates? Know which ones are most important to stay within Joint Commission guidelines?

Your tech found an issue. Does he know for sure if this triggers a risk assessment?

You deal with these issues each day. Most of the time stuff works and right person is able to identify what’s needed to be done and within time and even documents it correctly according to Joint Commission guidelines. Many times not. Those you have to deal with, at Survey.

Environment of Care, Life Safety and Emergency Management has over 400 elements of performance that need to be tracked and met. Your Maintenance Management Systems prompts you by creating routine Work Orders. However, after that you are on your own to prioritize tasks, track and document.

This is where CRx (consider it Prescription for Compliance!) takes over. CRx talks with your Work Order system, No data entry is needed. Inspections are done on a tablet and if there is an issue CRx will tell you if a Risk Assessment is needed. Then it will walk the user through your hospital’s Risk Assessment matrix to help determine if ILSM is required. When an ILSM is in place, CRx will track it through completion.

Assign responsibilities to staff and vendors. CRx maintains a complete repository. Do rounds on tablet and track issues. Have dashboards, to see across your buildings and floors. Your compliance consultant can use it for no charge and you don’t have to deal with tracking spreadsheets and emails. Risk Management Dashboard delivered by CRx, is another dashboard to see what’s being tracked and where you stand.

CRx is a site license for your facility and includes licenses for management, your staff, your vendors and even for your compliance consultant and his staff.

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