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The central purpose of CRx is to keep your facility in compliance with all the standards and elements of performance of  Joint Commission chapters: Environment of Care, Life Safety & Emergency Management and Infection Control as it relates to Construction. We know that each of these chapters contains hundreds of standards that require special documentation and endless communication among personnel, so we have crafted a solution that will consolidate your records, remove inefficiencies that hinder seamless organizational processes, and reduce compliance-related cost. Most importantly, it will give you 24/7 peace of mind that your healthcare facility is safe for your employees and for those in need of your services.

CRx – Automating Healthcare Facility Compliance.

Ensuring ongoing compliance readiness with the facility-related Chapters of the Joint Commission: Life Safety, Environment of Care and Emergency Management and the recently added Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) module and several other construction related permits.

Watch a 2 min video CRx in ASHE’s Health Facilities Management Magazine’s August 2020

What we are hearing…

“We no longer have just a couple of people taking care of EOC tasks. We now spread that ownership of EPs far and wide.”

Director, Support Services at a Maryland Hospital

“CRx takes the guesswork out of knowing what things are done and what remains to be done.”

Director, Facilities Maintenance and Safety for a Children’s Hospital

“The advantage of CRx is the efficiency of being able to capture most of the required elements under one system.”

Director of Safety, Security & Emergency Management at a Rehabilitation Hospital

“With CRx, all permits related to an entire project are in one place.”

Director of Facilities & Construction for a New York Hospital

“Even our engineering staff has adopted the system well.”

Plant Operations Manager at a Maryland Hospital

“CRx pulls only the work orders that are relevant for compliance. I like how I can create work orders while in CRx.”

Director of Facility Management for a Children’s Hospital

“Prep for compliance meetings will become so much easier.”

Senior Director of Facilities for a Health System

“This system will help us meet all EP and document requirements.”

Regulatory Compliance Manager at a Health System

“This is the most rounded system I have seen.”

Director of Facility Management of a Regional System, Alabama

“In my 30 years, I have never seen anything like this! You guys have covered everything!”

Life Safety Manager at a State University Health System

“I love the Plan Fire Drills For-Me button!”

Patrol Lieutenant at an Ohio Hospital

“I feel confident now that all the documents, policies, and reports are automatically filed into the right binders.”

Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer at a Hospital in Maryland

“We can create work orders right from rounds and assign tasks quickly.”

Vice President of Operations at a Health System

“Tracking the status of fire system vendor deficiencies has become much easier.”

Life Safety Coordinator and Ex-TJC Surveyor

“The ILSM recommendations are great! All related documentation will be in one place.”

Director of Security and Emergency Preparedness of a University Health System

“You cover the exact things I deal with.”

Director of Facility Management of a Regional System, Alabama

“Since we started with you, we are discovering in the process (of implementing CRx) better ways of doing things.”

Director of Facilities at a Hospital in New Jersey

Our Solution

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CRx, which stands for Compliance Prescription, is a healthcare facility compliance software carefully designed to keep hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and outpatient facilities within Joint Commission regulations. CRx can integrate with any work order system and can push work order requests into your work order system when deficiencies are found during rounds, inspections, and construction projects. Our software’s compliance program contains a variety of modules and capabilities to accommodate your facility’s needs, including:

  • A dashboard listing Environment of Care, Life Safety, and Emergency Management elements of performance (EPs), and their associated compliance statuses, frequencies, inspection dates, and responsible staff members.
  • A patent-pending risk assessment algorithm that determines the need for ILSMs.
  • A digitized and interactive Risk Management Dashboard.
  • A work order tracking screen.
  • An inspection module that allows you to inspect by location, asset type, and/or route, and that optimizes the inspection process with its barcode scanning capability.
  • A rounds module containing customizable inspection points for readiness rounds and adhoc surveys, as well as a fire drill planning matrix, a fire watch portal, and a daily plant operations log.
  • An organized documentation system for reports, policies, and digital binders.
  • A construction module for the creation and organization of ICRA permits.
  • A repository for life safety, HVAC, medical gas, and plumbing system drawings.
  • Account configurations to help manage users, assets, vendors, and more..